Asem Island Mobility Services

Asem Island Mobility Services is the commercial side of Xenakis Autos, with the aim of training the inhabitants of the islands towards the transition car ownership, as we know them today, to the electric sharing mobility of tomorrow. Alongside its training character, ASEM also pursues a social character, as the car fleet it offers is exclusively electric with zero emissions, complete absence of noise and high standards of safety and comfort. Our vision is "The cities of the future made for the people".

Knowledge is to be transmitted, so at Asem Island Mobility Services we want to share it with other islands in the Mediterranean where similar problems of commuting are experienced especially in the summer period as they are overwhelmed with millions of tourists making the islands unsustainable.

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Car & Scooter Sharing

Xenakis Autos has set up the first mobility service platform for the common use of transport in Greece and its fleet is comprised exclusively of electric cars and electric scooters. The service is accessible through ASEM app, while it has the ability to “learn” the needs of commuting, the requirements, the preferences and the habits of the user and adjust accordingly.

The user can enroll by giving his identity card, driver’s license and signing a contract of car rental. The registration can be done from a distance through the app, or in person at our shops.

Following this, the registered user of the platform can pin point through the ASEM app the exact position of the car or scooter, make a reservation on what they like (car or scooter), unlock it through ASEM app, drive it and return it to its original position or to any another of ASEM’s Base.

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